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  1. Bob Wunsch (US)
  2. Gary Sampson (US)
  3. Cynthia Smoot (US)
  4. Maurice Pinner (UK)
  5. James Tomczyk (US)
Latest Version:
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Refresher 1.2 Freeware
Refresher 1.3 PRO Shareware
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Refresher V1.2

A dual browsing automatic refreshing tabbed browser and more...

Refresher PRO automatically refreshes website pages upto every 1 second, and will notify you if the web page changes!

Use Refresher Enterprise to automatically accept orders/jobs!

Refresher is an excellent browser and tool for completing the mundane tasks of refreshing web pages when you are viewing your web mail, while monitoring on-line auctions, monitoring sports results or staying logged in on a page. With PRO, You can also get notified if a web page changes! Many mobile phones UK will be equipped with this kind of browsing capabilities in the future. If this holds true, then future versions of Refresher may be available for mobile phone use.

Additional features within Refresher include Auction Template, HTML Editor, I.P. Tool, PC Timer and PC Reminder!

Refresher is free from Spyware and Malware. Refresher incorporates a complete help reference for troubleshooting.

Please email [email protected] if customisation is required.

If you want the code to refresh your own browser, click refreshing a webpage for the code.

Automatically Refresh & Auto Accept Web Pages & Orders on LenderVend and Appraisal Port, click buy auto accept script for more info.

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Reporting a bug

If you have discovered a bug with Refresher, please report it. However, before submitting the information concerning the bug, please check that it has not already been reported. See Bug list

To report a bug...

  1. Check that the bug has not already been reported.

  2. Note your actions:

    • What did you press/do?
    • Was anything else running at the time in the application? (i.e. PC Timer / PC Reminder?)
    • Were any other applications, etc. running at the time in windows?
    • What happened next? (i.e. Error message, system crash, application abandoned?)
    • What time did this occur?

  3. Brief system specification (i.e. Operating System, Refresher version number)

  4. A description of what you think caused the error (if applicable)

  5. Can the error be reproduced?

Bug list

A bug is a problem that causes the program to generate an error or an unwanted/unexpected result. If Refresher is not performing/operating correctly, it is more than likely that there is a bug with that section of the application.

Click to Report a bug

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