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Refresher 1.2 Freeware
Refresher 1.3 PRO Shareware
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Refresher V1.2

A dual browsing automatic refreshing tabbed browser and more...

Refresher PRO automatically refreshes website pages upto every 1 second, and will notify you if the web page changes!

Use Refresher Enterprise to automatically accept orders/jobs!

Refresher is an excellent browser and tool for completing the mundane tasks of refreshing web pages when you are viewing your web mail, while monitoring on-line auctions, monitoring sports results or staying logged in on a page. With PRO, You can also get notified if a web page changes!

Additional features within Refresher include Auction Template, HTML Editor, I.P. Tool, PC Timer and PC Reminder!

Refresher is free from Spyware and Malware. Refresher incorporates a complete help reference for troubleshooting.

Please email [email protected] if customisation is required.

If you want the code to refresh your own browser, click refreshing a webpage for the code.

Automatically Refresh & Auto Accept Web Pages & Orders on LenderVend and Appraisal Port, click buy auto accept script for more info.

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Refresher V1.2 and V1.3 PRO is packed with useful features to make a simpler and better web experience.

Below are some screen shots of Refresher in action.

Note: The screen shots of Refresher have been reduced in size to enable to page to download quicker and display more practically.

Here are the features of Refresher V1.2:


This is an image of Refresher in Dual Browser mode and with multiple tabs open. See how you can simultaneously view and navigate two (and more) web browser windows. Either (or both) browsers can be set to refresh automatically (See Fig 1.0a - Multiple Tabs & Dual Browser Mode).

Fig 1.0a - Multiple Tabs & Dual Browser Mode.

The browser size can also be changed to any size you prefer. (See Fig 1.0b - Refresher xx:xx Split). While in single browser mode, the web browser occupies the full width.

Fig 1.0b - Refresher xx:xx Split.

It is very simple to start automatically refreshing web pages. (See Fig 1.0c - Simple to use Refresh bar). Select minutes and then seconds and click Start Refresher! Each tabbed window can have a different refresh time.

Fig 1.0c - Simple to use Refresh bar.
I.P. Tool

Here is an image of the Refresher I.P. Tool. This is convenient for quick I.P. or Domain resolution requests (See Fig 1.1 - Refresher I.P. Tool).

Fig 1.1 - Refresher I.P. Tool.
PC Timer

When you need to shut the computer down, log off, or perform a restart while you are absent from your machine the PC Timer enables you to do just this.(See Fig 1.2 - Refresher PC Timer).

Fig 1.2 - Refresher PC Timer.
PC Reminder

Whether you need to make a phone call at a certain time, are monitoring and on-line auction, or need to send an important email, the PC Reminder will ensure that you do not forget (See Fig 1.3 - Refresher PC Reminder).

Fig 1.3 - Refresher PC Reminder.
Pop-up Manager

It is very annoying when unwanted pop-up windows appear when navigating the World Wide Web. With Pop-up Manager you can control which windows pop-up while enjoying your on-line experience (See Fig 1.4 - Refresher Pop-up Manager).

Fig 1.4 - Refresher Pop-up Manager.


The Auction Template makes it very quick and simple to make highly attractive auction listings. You can customise and save your auction listings however you like using the simple settings in the Refresher Auction Template.

Refresher Auction Template:

Open as many new Refresher browser windows as you like and select each window with the tabs. This prevents multiple applications occupying the taskbar. You can refresh each window with its own individual timing automatically. You can resize each window to view all the webpages on one screen.

Standard Refresher Window:

Refresher In Dual Browser Mode:

Refresher With Multiple Tabs:

Refresher With Multiple Tabs And Dual Browser Mode:

Learn HTML and create your own web pages with the Refresher HTML editor.

Refresher HTML Editor:

Set reminders for days, months or years in advance! Set as many reminders for any time of the day or night and the Refresher Reminder Manager will alert you. Note: Refresher must be running for the Reminder Manager to alert you - Contact us for a more focused reminder product without the need to run Refresher.

Refresher Reminder Manager:

Quick Links act like temporary favorites/bookmarks. Quick Links store web page addresses ready for quick access later without the need to re-organise you current favorites when you want to clear the links. Simple! If you see a few web pages you like add them to Quick Links and when you are finished simply clear the Quick Links - No need to add folders or move files around!

The Scrap Book saves files (by date and time) so that you can access the content at another time. As the web page has been saved, the content will not change. Refresher can be set to automatically save webpages when refreshing. This option is in the Settings page. Useful when referring back to information which changes on web pages - such as bookmaker odds, sports results, etc.

Set Auction Reminder quickly and conveniently sets a reminder in the Reminder Manager to alert you 15 minutes before the end of the auction ending. The title and message of the reminder are automatically created for you along with the reminder time, therefore all you need to do is click "Set Auction Reminder" and you'll never forget about the end of an auction again. Simply go to an auction page, click "Set Auction Reminder" and that's it, Done!!!

In the Refresher settings page, there is an option to Automatically start refreshing as soon as Refresher starts! Very useful when Refresher is running as a service or simply if you want to save a button click to start refreshing straight away when you run Refresher!

Some webpages time out when you have been visiting them for a certain period of time. Click this option in the settings page and when refresher counts down to 0 to refresh the page, the web browser navigates backwards and forwards automatically for you! This restarts the session on the web page.

Refresher can be set to automatically save webpages when refreshing. This option is in the Settings page. Useful when referring back to information which changes on web pages - such as bookmaker odds, sports results, etc.

Refresh Settings in Refresher:

Refresher can take a quick snap shot of the web page you are currently viewing by clicking "Snap Shot Web Page". The image will then appear on your screen already saved and showing you your screen shot!


PRO Features:

Refresher Web Monitor

Monitor any changes on a webpage with Refresher Web Monitor. Get notified by Email, SMS, onscreen pop-up or custom sounds through your speakers if a change occurs. Great for monitoring stocks and shares or online auctions.(See Fig 1.5 - Web Monitor)

Web Monitor
Fig 1.5 - Web Monitor.
Refresher Link Cycler

Provide Refresher with a pre-defined list of unlimited links and Refresher will cycle through each link for x seconds. Save and export links and go Full Screen. Sounds and onscreen notifications when the page changes to the next. Great for gallaries or constantly changing webpages. (See Fig 1.6 - Link Cycler.)

Link Cycler
Fig 1.6 - Link Cycler.
Refresher Proxy Viewer

Visit a URL from a different Proxy Server (IP address). Import or create your own list of proxy servers. Great for increasing web page hits/plays or testing the load on your own servers. (See Fig 1.7 - Proxy Viewer.)

Proxy Viewer
Fig 1.7 - Proxy Viewer.
Refresher Colour Picker

Whether you are surfing the web or browsing through images, you may see a colour which you like and would like to know the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) value, Hex value or VB (Visual Basic) value. The Colour picker will do just that from any point on the screen. (See Fig 1.8 - Colour Picker.)

Colour Picker
Fig 1.8 - Colour Picker.
Cycle Tabs

If you have multiple tabs open with different websites, Refresher can automatically cycle through each tab for a pre-defined duration. Great for gallaries or displays.(See Fig 1.9 - Cycle Tabs)

Cycle Tabs
Fig 1.9 - Cycle Tabs.
Keyboard Macro Recorder

The Keyboard Macro Recorder tool plays a given set of commands executed by the keyboard. This is a useful utility should you have a task which you have to repetitively type the same commands/text or any action which can be performed with a mouse that can be replicated with keyboard commands.(See Fig 1.10 - Keyboard Macro Recorder)

Keyboard Macro Recorder
Fig 1.10 - Keyboard Macro Recorder.
Leap Year Checker

Should you need to check if a year is a leap year, simply run the Lear Year Checker tool. Enter a year and click "Check" to automatically determine if the entered year is a leap year or scroll through each year manually to determine if it is a leap year.(See Fig 1.11 - Leap Year Checker)

Leap Year Checker
Fig 1.11 - Leap Year Checker.
Get Links

The Refresher Get Links tool retrieves links for a web site. Click the "Custom" radio button and enter in the desired web site using the format or click the "Current Page" radio button to retrieve the links of the curent page in Refresher. Click Get Links and Refresher will list all of the links displayed on that particular website.(See Fig 1.12 - Get Links)

Get Links
Fig 1.12 - Get Links.
Refresh every 1 second

Increase page hits or test the load on your servers by refreshing a page every one second. Unlike Refresher 1.2, Refresher 1.3PRO does not have a limit to the number of seconds each refresh can occur.

Email on Refresh

Just before each page refresh, the webpage can be emailed to any email address. This can be for archiving purposes or if you are away from your computer, you can forward to webpage to an alternative recipient.

Note: All images are © Jamie Thompson. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to use any image in any form.

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